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Subskill of Prehospital Childbirth
Acting roles EMT, emergency medical technician, paramedic
Body parts abdomen
Body systems reproductive system
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Type Medical skill
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals SDG03 Good health and well-being
Aliases Prehospital childbirth
Authors GSTC
Published 2020
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Stimulation of a newborn is incredibly important, especially if they have yet to take their first spontaneous respiration. The first breath a newborn takes is associated with many significant physiological changes such as the closing of the ductus arteriosus and a lowering in pulmonary vasculature pressures. If the newborn does not take this breath, their body will fail to oxygenate correctly after the umbilical cord is clamped. Newborn stimulation may be performed in several ways. The two most common for EMTs are flicking the bottom of the newborn's foot or briskly rubbing their chest or back.