There are many different types of paintbrushes or similar brushes that can be used for art and craft. This page provides a round-up list of the different paintbrush types relevant for art and craft uses.

Each of the links can be created into distinct articles, as relevant. Things to consider covering when discussing the brush types include their use, whether it's possible to make them from scratch (and if so, how) and how to maintain the brush type after, and in between, each use.

List of brush types[edit | edit source]

  • All purpose paintbrushes - This type of brush tends to be budget-priced and has a short lifespan. Suitable for a range of projects but the poor quality of such brushes may prove annoying.
  • Fan paintbrushes- This type of brush has thin bristles that can be fanned out to provide light strokes.
  • Filbert paintbrushes - Suitable for acrylic and oil paints.
  • Flat paintbrushes - Suitable for water-based and oil paints. These come in a range of sizes.
  • Round oil paintbrushes - This is a good brush for holding large quantities of paint.
  • Round watercolour paintbrushes - Suitable for watercolour paints.
  • Stencil brushes - Used for stencilling projects.
  • Toothbrushes as paintbrushes - Can be useful for flicking paint. Suitable for water-based paints.
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