Jan 2009 Trip[edit | edit source]

This page Has the information on our plans for Jan 2009 including information for people planning to come.

Aug 2008 Trip[edit | edit source]

This page Has the travel log and initial plans for the first trip that we took in August 2008.

Background Materials[edit | edit source]

this PDF has some background information on Morrito

This pdf also has descriptions for several projects available.

Fiscal Sponsorship[edit | edit source]

We are actively looking for a 501 c3 organization to fiscally sponsor us.

Open Officer Positions[edit | edit source]

We are hoping to expand the officer ranks so we will be adding job positions here.

  • Special Event Coordinator - Is in charge of facilitating monthly members meetings which will include speakers and movies.
  • "Affluenza" has been a recommended movie
  • "The New Heroes" has also been brought to our attention
  • Recruiter - In charge of tabling schedule and creating events which increase interest in BRIDGE Nicaragua.
  • Local Project Coordinator - this person will arrange local projects.
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Fundraiser - In charge of facilitating fund raising events

One time Projects[edit | edit source]

This is a list of projects that need to get done but don't necessarily need a position made for them.

  • Hosting a banquet to recognize one or two outstanding Professors at our university. This is a politically tricky process as feelings can be hurt and it is difficult to recognize teachers for excellence as opposed to just popularity.

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Discussion[View | Edit]

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