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Preparing for Summer of Content 2008 (see OLPC:Summer of Content):

Questions posed (by Mchua), with initial responses (by Chriswaterguy):

  • Which org will be the "mentor organization"? (probably Appropedia, since you're the "open content" people.)
    • Where do the interns come from?
  • What do you want your interns to do? (job descript, a few sentences)
  • What impact will this have? (as in, why is it important, why will this be good for the world, how will you share it with others? remember that everything created for Summer of Content has to be available in the public domain or under an open license.)
    • Big questions... Refer our (pending) vision & mission statements... select & prioritize critical content, on public health & appropriate technology.
    • Licensed under GFDL, free on web. Medium term we hope to distribute via XO & CD/DVD, & encourage it to be printed.
  • How much time should it take them? (how many weeks? full time? part time?)
    • Flexible
  • How many people do you want? (does the number of people you get affect how much time it should take them?)
    • The work is open-ended. How many can we handle?
  • How much funding do you think you'll need? (Last summer we gave $500/intern, I'm trying to get that up to $1000/intern this summer but we'll see... if you think you'll need more, let me know.)
    • It's up to the funders & interns, but $1000 sounds good.