It's possible to embed Google Spreadsheets into Appropedia pages - this can be useful where it is necessary to keep calculations on a spreadsheet. However, to allow others to edit the spreadsheet, you must add a link to the spreadsheet in the wiki page - it doesn't seem to be possible to edit a document, even if shared, within the wiki page.


  1. Create the spreadsheet in Google Spreadsheets
  2. In the Google menu, choose File > Publish > click "Start publishing"
  3. Get the "key" from the url
  4. Put the "key" into the code below:

{{#widget:Google Spreadsheet |key=KeyGoesHere |width=600 |height=400 }}

(Change the width and height as desired.)

E.g. a spreadsheet has the url, look for the code after "key=" - bold in the example below:'''0AtB1mgT8a9-pdGZJUUZDOEJOQVo5WVdpQklwVFN3RHc'''

(If the url ends with a # symbol and a short code, ignore that part - e.g. #gid=0)

Inserting this into the code above, we get: {{#widget:Google Spreadsheet |key=0AtB1mgT8a9-pdGZJUUZDOEJOQVo5WVdpQklwVFN3RHc |width=600 |height=400 }}

Which looks like:

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