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Marked since February 2012

Semantic MediaWiki has been installed on Appropedia and is already being used.

See Help:Semantic MediaWiki for more information.

What we want[edit source]

  • embedded semantic tags within regular pages,
  • extraction of data into tables, such as at Peacecorpswiki.
  • not pages like CC:A Japanese guide to Japanese grammar, used to generate CC:Books (detailed table). I.e. rather than embedded tags in regular pages, resource index pages are used(boring to the average visitor to the site). Is this type of page on the CC wiki due to simple or complex differences in tech, or policy? I suspect it's a simple tech setup issue, directing people to set up purely semantic pages.)... , which we either want to avoid, or hide in a separate namespace. We can:
    • have a policy of discouraging them, or
    • disable the functions that enable it, or
    • put such pages in a separate namespace (so it's obvious what they are before you click).

Tech solutions[edit source]

Downsides[edit source]

  • Server load
  • Potential to break the site
  • We don't have a dedicated tech team to implement, maintain and troubleshoot new tools, but are hoping to get help via the Appropedia:Site development page.

Uses for Semantic extensions[edit source]

Some of the many uses are listed at Appropedia:Semantic extensions/User stories.