Some pages on Appropedia are marked as public domain. This includes:

If you choose to release all your content into the public domain, you can place a {{user public domain}} userbox (to be created) on your userpage, which also places you in Category:Public domain contributors. Note that unless a page is specifically marked, other users' contributions to that page will not be public domain.

Marking your project as public domain[edit | edit source]

If you have a project on Appropedia and you wish it to be public domain:

  • In the project header (used on every project page) mark it as public domain. It is important to do this and add the header to each page at the very beginning, before other users have made non-public domain additions to the page.
  • If other users have already made public domain contributions to the page (of more than one sentence), contact them and ask for permission to release those contributions, irrevocably, as public domain.

An additional step will be added soon, using a template in the header to add a Creative Commons public domain mark to the page - either CC0 or the public domain certification.

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