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Create a portal[edit source]

Copy the source of one of the newer style templates - e.g. Portal:Green living or Portal:Appropriate technology and modify accordingly.

For other ideas, browse some Wikipedia portals - but remember that these take a lot of maintenance. The advantage of the Appropedia portals above is that they use the category tree and so automatically remain up to date, with no extra maintenance.

Make a good portal[edit source]

Most portals contain the following for readers:

  • A selected article and/or picture
  • Links into the main for the topic and possibly subcategories (some portals actually appear in the description page for the main category)
  • General info about the subject, or links thereto
  • Links to other portals (using templates) and for editors.
  • Links to related projects.
  • Links to specific articles or tasks
  • Collaboration of the week, month, etc.

Portals will also be key pages for creating and promoting initiatives to fill the related categories with appropriate articles (or add it to the portal's "todo" list so visitors can help out).

How to get involved[edit source]

Just as with Appropedia at large, portals can be edited by anyone - however, they are quite complex, so if you're doing more than minor text changes, you'll need a lot of wiki editing experience. It is important to pay due regard to the established work of others. Editors are always needed to maintain individual portals; if you would like to participate in the upkeep of a particular portal, note your intention on its talk page, list yourself as a maintainer in the directory of portals, and get to work!