Suggested links and content for the newsletter (if there's too much it can be used in a later newsletter)

Content types:

  • A couple of blog posts (link and intro paragraph).
  • Highlighted content from the wiki
  • What's happening (OSNCamp, other "ecoCamps")
  • Can you help...? (maybe Suggested projects for ideas.)

Topics - cover both meta (info-sharing) and more concrete. Both sustainability and development.

  • Open licenses. (some smaller aspect: e.g. open licensing your blog. Examples: AIDG and Blood and milk)

David's Work in Progress[edit source]

Draft Newsletter[edit source]

Hello all, welcome to this, the first edition of the Appropedia Newsletter, we aim to briefly keep you abreast of current events of interest to our community and highlight some areas where you can pitch in and join us.

Appropedia helps you cut costs

Highlights from the Appropedia Blog

  • Appropedian David Reber shares his experiences joining the Appropedia community

Current Events in Appropedia

  • Ekopedia considers merging with Appropedia

Kyle Muther in Ecuador works for the Yanapuma Foundation might be interested in hosting an OSN Conference

Guest post by David Reber,[edit source]

Many of us reading this maintain hope that the internet and the new modes of interaction it provides might be used to battle those greatest problems of our time: continuing poverty and a just getting started ecological disaster.

A year ago, I had the bright idea of creating a Wikipedia for sharing knowledge and solutions to these problems. Not knowing about Appropedia at the time, I went over to a free wiki hosting site and started one. Thankfully, after a few hours work, I stumbled upon Appropedia and realized that these guys were years ahead of me.

So I dropped my work on that site and moved in along with the existing Appropedians and after a few months I had a new idea; I wanted create a non-hierarchical association of groups actively engaged in development projects who could network and share knowledge over the internet. Unfortunately, it seemed to me that these goals were outside the scope of Appropedia and I didn't know if I would cause friction within the Appropedia community by moving forward with the project. I explained my hesitation to some of the editors who I had gotten to know and they convinced me to go forward with the project, which eventually became BRIDGE Nicaragua. As it turned out, there was no problem with using Appropedia as a platform for this project and in fact BRIDGE has been blessed by an abundance of knowledge contained within Appropedia and the Appropedians themselves.

Appropedia understands that it is a community of very different people who are united by a common vision of a better future. However, as different people will tend to do, we all have varying strategies with which we pursue this vision. Some of us are devoted to knowledge sharing, taking existing information locked away in books and copyright and working to free it by asking authors to release their work under open licenses or porting the work into the Appropedia database where it can evolve through new contributions. Others pursue development of appropriate technologies, by figuring out how best to convert corn cobs into cooking fuel. But if you share the Appropedia vision, you can expect nothing but support, knowledge and friendships by joining the Appropedia community and in the end, these varying strategies we employ are vital. If there is one thing that the last hundred years of environmental and humanitarian work has shown us, there is no silver bullet, but perhaps by pursuing these multi pronged strategies, we can find the right combination of approaches and we can have the opportunity of living on a more equitable and sustainable earth.

Chris's Work in Progress[edit source]

No dry announcements. Make it a short and narrative-based email. Excess content for next time (2 weeks?).

Announcements[edit source]

New partners, initiatives, features, changes.



Events[edit source]

Sources: WiserEarth, asking on our networks (Global Swadeshi, mailing lists, the microblogs...)

News for editors[edit source]

This will probably be a separate, very short newsletter for the serious editors. The main newsletter can give an excerpt or summary and a link to this "News for editors", posting on the wiki and linked from the homepage. Under development at Appropedia:News for editors.

Content[edit source]

Build the knowledge base[edit source]

Stubs related to dealing with the crisis: Lazy gardening and related pages.

Highlighted Appropedia content[edit source]


Special newsletter content[edit source]

  • interviews with, testimonial by or profile of a user. Start with David Reber

Blog posts[edit source]

Sharing solutions in West Africa

Relevant blog content, under an open license, that could be used in Appropedia - e.g. those at Open blog feeds. (Looking for open licensed green content to balance out the development content.)

For a later post (choose something more upbeat for first newsletter): Doing good and doing harm, Blood and milk, April 04, 2008.

What the community needs[edit source]

Content, connections, donations.

Don't highlight donations in first newsletter.

Miscellaneous[edit source]

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Inspiration[edit source]

Ideas for what kind of thing to put in a newsletter: