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Different approaches[edit]

Charity email newsletters 'a waste of time', says Obama strategist By Helen Barrett, Third Sector Online, 20 February 2009 - argues for short, narrative-based emails.


It might help to copy these sections to each new newsletter page, then fill them in.


Announcements that are brief, and interesting to the reader.

New admins, volunteers, highlighted users, partners, initiatives, highlighted pages, features, changes, fundraising, upcoming events, recent events.


Sources: WiserEarth, asking on our networks (Global Swadeshi, mailing lists, the microblogs...)

Build the knowledge base[edit]

Content ideas that you might be able to help build (link to stubs & okay articles). Link to later section with more about #What the community needs.

New Appropedia content[edit]

First edition can have content of any age - subsequent editions can focus on new content and articles newly rated as Good Articles or better. See Appropedia:Newest pages. Lead with the most attention grabbing, but include the most weighty.


Special newsletter content[edit]

  • interviews with, testimonial by or profile of a user. (These might start as blog posts - Chriswaterguy can help)
    • Vinay
    • Geraldo
    • Steve (highlight our health work)
    • David Reber (about Bridge)
    • Lonny/Joshua on service learning

Blog posts[edit]

From the Appropedia Foundation blog, and relevant blog posts from related projects and on related topics.

Relevant blog content, under an open license, that could be used in Appropedia - e.g. those at Open blog feeds.

Tips - for using the wiki and related networks[edit]

Search bookmarklets

What the community needs[edit]

Content, connections, donations.


Other sections can be added, or items mentioned under miscellaneous if necessary.

Stay connected[edit]

Mailing lists, Identica & Twitter, Facebook, Approjams... link to Appropedia in social media page for more: LinkedIn...


Images help communicate better - however they are not essential, if it means delaying the first newsletters.

One image per story? Specific to the project, or a person, or a concept. Note Stephen Collins' effective and engaging presentations (I saw one at BarCampSydney3 - amazing --Chriswaterguy 20:25, 10 April 2008 (PDT)).

License: must be free images i.e. CC (not with the ND or NC clause), GFDL or public domain.

Sourcing images[edit]

Wikipedia:Project:Public domain image resources #Search Engines

The following are not suitable:


Ideas for what kind of thing to put in a newsletter:

Things to watch for[edit]

  • Be as relevant to an aid worker in Guatemala, and a farmer in Lesotho as to a middle class Californian.