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Different approaches[edit source]

Charity email newsletters 'a waste of time', says Obama strategist By Helen Barrett, Third Sector Online, 20 February 2009 - argues for short, narrative-based emails.

Sections[edit source]

It might help to copy these sections to each new newsletter page, then fill them in.

Announcements[edit source]

Announcements that are brief, and interesting to the reader.

New admins, volunteers, highlighted users, partners, initiatives, highlighted pages, features, changes, fundraising, upcoming events, recent events.

Events[edit source]

Sources: WiserEarth, asking on our networks (Global Swadeshi, mailing lists, the microblogs...)

Build the knowledge base[edit source]

Content ideas that you might be able to help build (link to stubs & okay articles). Link to later section with more about #What the community needs.

New Appropedia content[edit source]

First edition can have content of any age - subsequent editions can focus on new content and articles newly rated as Good Articles or better. See Appropedia:Newest pages. Lead with the most attention grabbing, but include the most weighty.


Special newsletter content[edit source]

  • interviews with, testimonial by or profile of a user. (These might start as blog posts - Chriswaterguy can help)
    • Vinay
    • Geraldo
    • Steve (highlight our health work)
    • David Reber (about Bridge)
    • Lonny/Joshua on service learning

Blog posts[edit source]

From the Appropedia Foundation blog, and relevant blog posts from related projects and on related topics.

Relevant blog content, under an open license, that could be used in Appropedia - e.g. those at Open blog feeds.

Tips - for using the wiki and related networks[edit source]

Search bookmarklets

What the community needs[edit source]

Content, connections, donations.

Miscellaneous[edit source]

Other sections can be added, or items mentioned under miscellaneous if necessary.

Stay connected[edit source]

Mailing lists, Identica & Twitter, Facebook, Approjams... link to Appropedia in social media page for more: LinkedIn...

Images[edit source]

Images help communicate better - however they are not essential, if it means delaying the first newsletters.

One image per story? Specific to the project, or a person, or a concept. Note Stephen Collins' effective and engaging presentations (I saw one at BarCampSydney3 - amazing --Chriswaterguy 20:25, 10 April 2008 (PDT)).

License: must be free images i.e. CC (not with the ND or NC clause), GFDL or public domain.

Sourcing images[edit source]

Wikipedia:Project:Public domain image resources #Search Engines

The following are not suitable:

Inspiration[edit source]

Ideas for what kind of thing to put in a newsletter:

Things to watch for[edit source]

  • Be as relevant to an aid worker in Guatemala, and a farmer in Lesotho as to a middle class Californian.