Travel Intern prototype Initiative launch page

Provisional steward(s): User:Curtbeckmann and User:Lonny

Blogger: User:Curtbeckmann and Isabell

Travel Intern Steward: Ayon Shahed

Target launch date: June 1, 2010

Talking points[edit | edit source]

(Make a note whenever a post, tweet, etc, is done on a particular talking point so that we can make sure that each point gets covered over time.)

  1. Organizations are overcommitted and documenting a project is a big job. Others want to help, but are often no more knowledgeable than local workers, and so hard to justify traveling in-country to lend a hand. But traveling interns can make excellent documenters, which can add awareness.
  2. We need partner projects in Latin America for Isabell (or a future Travel Intern) to document!
    • (Included this in site notice on June 5, 2010. CurtB 03:40, 6 June 2010 (UTC))
  1. We need to find like-minded organizations doing great works and would like help in documenting them!
  2. We want future prospective travel interns!
  3. Would you like to be a travel intern? Practice writing articles and show your stuff!
  4. How can we make the Travel Intern program better?

Specific action requests[edit | edit source]

  1. Tell us about partners and projects we should be aware of by clicking here
    1. Site notice on 6/5 asked for projects in Latin America.
  2. Tell potential partners about Appropedia and the travel intern program
  3. Tell potential interns about the program
    1. Site notice on 6/8 asked for people to apply for future travel internships
  4. Help us define policies related to the travel intern program (a prototype "Information Sharing policy" for our partners, how to connect partners and interns, etc)
  5. Help design a Travel Interns portal
  6. Apply for a three month stint as the "Travel Intern Steward"

Ideas[edit | edit source]

Social media - Have a travel intern FB page and microblog accounts? Individual ones would be easier in some ways, but collective accounts allow us to build up the following.

  • There are ways of sharing the accounts (multiple group managers on FB. and there are tools for Twitter... possibly and Twitterfeed for posting to, but that doesn't allow replying to specific tweets.

Key pages[edit | edit source]

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