This page maintains a list of Appropedia Initiatives that are in the planning stages. Those near the front of the line get prospective dates. To get to the front of the line, a launch page should be developed.

For topic area initiatives, see Appropedia:Content Initiatives/Planned.

Initiatives that are close to launch[edit | edit source]

Concepts that need more development[edit | edit source]


  • Content expansion - see Appropedia:Content Initiatives.
  • A Summer of Content - Southern Summer, 2010-11? Who is the owner or custodian of the name "Summer of Content"?
  • Appropedia:Documentation Internships.
    • Based on the idea of Travel Internships, where our interns visit organizations and/or communities to document their work on Appropedia.
    • Documentation interns do the same, but close to home - that is, helping organizations that are doing awesome work on promoting green building or something else important, that don't document what they're doing, because they're so busy doing great things. Whether you're in Australia, the US, or Vietnam, there are projects in your country, and probably in your city, that are begging to be written up on Appropedia.
    • A catchier name would be nice. Otherwise it sounds serious, but that's ok too.
  • Promotion of Appropedia and the concept of open collaboration and sharing
    • Design competitions - create a series of competitions, ideally more than 1 per year, in partnership with other organizations. Organize process, criteria for awards, publicity, and prizes (whatever form, whether a membership, a subscription to a relevant publication, a product, a voucher for a service such as a course, cash, or a combination).
  • Language expansion
    • University language translation, Specific language translation
  • Site technology stuff
    • Extensions, Ratings, WYSIWYG, Forums
  • Design competitions
    • Ask partners what design needs they have
    • Seek funding/sponsorship for a prize. Or just let the glory be the prize? (Maybe nominal prizes - enough for recognition, but not to make it the major motivation for developed world participants and/or a source of contention)
    • Working models documented by video, and perhaps verified by a local academic body?
    • Require all designs documented on Appropedia under our open license.
    • Clear disclaimer and cautions, re dangers that might be involved in building or using the designs... first concern is safety for all involved; second concern is liability.


  • Promoting open licensing (sharing Berkman paper)
  • Deepening partnership with Ekopedia
  • Partner organizations
    • Develop clear partnership outlines or invitations, for different kinds of partnerships
    • Many to contact, including: Planners Without Borders, Society for International Development
  • Board of Advisers, Improved coordination / recruitment of volunteers
  • Requests for wishlists and feedback (what content or feature do you want from Appropedia)
  • Using Appropedia for service learning (topic research, writing up tech projects...)
    • Develop portal and guide pages on Appropedia, to make it as clear and appealing as possible. Work with current participants, both students and academics
    • Choose a ticketing/task-tracking system (e.g. OpenPario or a WordPress/BuddyPress plugin)
    • Intern(s) to focus on contacting as widely as possible.
    • Intern(s), with guidance from the Initiative Steward, follow up all responses.
  • Service learning support
    • What do our service learning partners need? Tools? Documentation?


  • Site content utility / navigation
    • Testing and reviewing of how-to articles
    • User tagging, better templates, Extending policies / procedures, more Portals
  • Tools
    • Bots, Format translation automation (Word, PDF), Machine translation tools

Content for launch pages[edit | edit source]

(The text below is an outline to be copy/pasted into a new Initiative launch page, then filled in.)

{{Appropedia initiative}}

'''Introduction''': If appropriate, add a line (or two or three) on why the Initiative is wanted.

'''Provisional [[Appropedia:Initiative stewards|steward]]''': (add link to user page)

'''Blogger(s)''': (add link to user page or web site, can be same as steward and/or volunteers)

'''Partners''': (Organizations, institutions and/or high-profile individuals who can lend energy, resources, publicity and/or credibility to the effort.)

* Potential:
* Confirmed:

'''Target launch date''': (Is there urgency to this date? E.g. upcoming conference?)

'''Talking points''':
(Make a note whenever a post, tweet, etc, is done on a particular talking point so that we can make sure that each point gets covered over time.)

'''Specific action requests''': (Examples below.)

# Tell us about partners and projects we should be aware of by clicking (add link).
# Site notices asking for input and participation...
# Tell potential interns about the program
# Help us define policies related to the program
# Help design a program [[Appropedia:Portals|portal]]
# Apply for a three month stint as the "(InitiativeName) Steward" or one of the other volunteers.

'''Specific volunteer positions sought''':

'''Available resources''':

'''Links to key pages''':

* (placeholder for link to blog post that will announce the initiative. update this at launch time.)

[[Category:Appropedia initiatives]]
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