(The text below is an outline to be copy/pasted into a new Initiative launch page, then filled in.)

{{Appropedia initiative}}

'''Introduction''': If appropriate, add a line (or two or three) on why the Initiative is wanted.

'''Provisional [[Appropedia:Initiative stewards|steward]]''': (add link to user page)

'''Blogger(s)''': (add link to user page or web site, can be same as steward and/or volunteers)

'''Partners''': (Organizations, institutions and/or high-profile individuals who can lend energy, resources, publicity and/or credibility to the effort.)

* Potential:
* Confirmed:

'''Target launch date''': (Is there urgency to this date? E.g. upcoming conference?)

'''Talking points''':
(Make a note whenever a post, tweet, etc, is done on a particular talking point so that we can make sure that each point gets covered over time.)

'''Specific action requests''': (Examples below.)

# Tell us about partners and projects we should be aware of by clicking (add link).
# Site notices asking for input and participation...
# Tell potential interns about the program
# Help us define policies related to the program
# Help design a program [[Appropedia:Portals|portal]]
# Apply for a three month stint as the "(InitiativeName) Steward" or one of the other volunteers.

'''Specific volunteer positions sought''':

'''Available resources''':

'''Links to key pages''':

* (placeholder for link to blog post that will announce the initiative. update this at launch time.)

[[Category:Appropedia initiatives]]
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