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49 words (this one is CC-by-sa licensed):

Appropedia is the site for collaborative approaches to sustainability, poverty reduction and international development. Our vision is that all of humanity is able to work together developing and realizing rich, sustainable lives. We build the infrastructure, and help make the connections and populate free content to effect that vision.

Alternative wording:

49 words: Appropedia is a collaborative approach to sustainability and poverty reduction. Our vision is that all of humanity can work together to achieve rich, sustainable lives. Appropedia is an infrastructure for collaboration, and as a community we help make the connections and build free knowledge to bring about our vision.

98 words:

Appropedia is an open knowledge bank for sustainability and development. It is over 5000 pages of information, and aims to empower people globally in water, sanitation, sustainable food-growing, food security, appropriate technologies, energy-efficient design, and the challenges facing communities of practice.

The project welcomes contributions, like Wikipedia. University students are among the most active contributors, but people around the globe are sharing their knowledge and experience.

Appropedia receives over 500,000 views per month, and growing - all without paid staff. Appropedia relies on you to spread these ideas, and to add to the knowledge bank.