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To do[edit]

  • Make contribution easier. Use WYSIWYG as soon as it's available; perhaps try a commenting feature to make it easier for people to give input.
  • An active gathering place or places - maybe a more enjoyable and effective A:Village pump or A:Community portal.


  • Newsletter of some kind Priority
  • Active blog at Priority
  • Frequent updates through various social media channels

Resources for understanding community building:

Community building tools[edit]

  • Admins can edit the registration notice about entering an email: MediaWiki:Prefs-help-email. (So far it has been edited to strongly encourage new users to leave an email.)
  • Leave welcome messages. A good way is this text, which automatically includes a signature (so be sure you're logged in: {{tl|subst:welcome2}}
  • Automated messages by bot - see Appropedia:Welcoming committee

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