The following is outdated and needs to be updated and included in Appropedia:About.

Background[edit | edit source]

Purpose[edit | edit source]

The Four Areas[edit | edit source]

The four proposed areas (hopefully namespaces), are Category, Article, User and Working. More areas may be necessary:

Category Pages

  • Include textbook or encyclopedic style entries, mostly from experts.
    • Appropedia is strongly considering directing all encyclopedic entries to wikipedia, and then using transclusion to include them here.
    • Currently the category pages should be used only for value added information such as formulae and more specific information than would be fitting for Wikipedia. In fact it may be better to just make an article page to include in the category, e.g. Adobe Lesson Plans under the category Adobe.
  • Serve as categories for the original research, curriculum, lecture notes, case studies, projects and how-to's in the Article namespace.
    • Also serve as categories for linked other media, such as excel tools, video virals and instructional videos focusing on language neutral approaches.
  • Can be browsed by all for edification.
  • Can be linked together on Working teacher pages for a curriculum, think:
Week 1: Study and edit if necessary Greywater
read and comment if desired Greywater at the Arcata Educational Farm
55 Gallon Drum Processed Greywater

Article Pages:

  • Include original research, case studies, project writeups, how-to's
  • See the List of Projects for examples
  • I think I would rather this be called Project Namespace, but with no need to preface pages with "project:".

User Pages:

  • Are for networking
  • Include personal information such as affiliations and interests
  • Include Organizational information such as services provided, needed, hours and links to organizational webpage.
  • Utilize the discussion tab for contact and correspondance with potential partners.

Working Pages:

  • Are common, collaborative, working pages
  • Include pages for relevant grants
    • Find a grant that would be great for you, but you do not quite meet the criteria? Post it here for others to review.
  • Highlight events
    • Publicize your event here
  • Serve as calls for assistance and offerings of assistance
    • Have services to offer/request? How about materials to offer/request? Post it here (would craigslist be better?)
  • Include book/link/article/tool reviews
    • Suggest and review resources here
    • Unlike the Categories and Articles, which should attempt unified result (Categories more than Articles) through peer review, reviews themselves should show personal opinions, with some editing as needed for neatness/spelling/appropriatedness, to avoid a "from the pulpit" endorsement of a given resource. (Thank you Yamaplos)
  • Highlight local where-to-find-supplies pages
    • Think yourtown_yourregion_supplies. Place to post where to find supplies in your area.
    • Free bins, thrift stores, junk yards, repair shops, wood piles, clay piles.
    • See Humboldt CA Supplies for an early example.
  • Highlight global where-to-find-supplies page
    • Internet and catalog resources
    • See Global Supplies for an early start to this page
  • etc.

I see the Category and Article Namespace working together as follows, for example the users can:

  1. Look up greywater (category)
  2. Read about greywater concepts (category)
  3. View case-studies, how-to's and common errors to avoid for various greywater projects (article)
  4. Edit and add their own greywater experiences, projects, how-to's and common errors to avoid (article)

or skip to any of these steps.

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