「Clinical trial」不在用於「Status」屬性所允許值的清單(Idea, Designed, Modelled, Prototyped, Verified, Deployed, Commercialized)中。


孕产妇死亡的主要原因是产后出血 (PPH)。PPH 可由多种情况引起,包括子宫收缩乏力和宫颈撕裂伤,可导致严重失血、休克,然后死亡。由于这些区域的血流量低,心脏、肺部和大脑缺氧,可能会发生休克。


抗震服对腿部施加压力,以将血液从腿部推出并返回到上半身。其他设备依靠泵或气囊来动态改变施加到下半身的压力。相反,该套装利用氯丁橡胶的弹性向腿部施加压力,腿部由维可牢尼龙搭扣带固定。该设备可清洗和重复使用,使用寿命可达 50 次。


最初的设计是由 Zoex 设计的。该设备随后失去了专利,许多知名的全球卫生实体以较低的价格资助了进一步的临床试验和 NASG 的大规模生产。资金由麦克阿瑟基金会提供,由 PATH 实施。NASG 现在由一个集团命名为 LifeWrap,在中国和印度生产。随着它的发展,材料已经升级,现在在全球卫生和低资源环境中广泛使用的 NASG 由不同的升级材料制成。

临床试验:在埃及、尼日利亚、印度和巴基斯坦进行了几项临床试验,以评估该设备的有效性。Life-Wrap 的 Suellen Miller 博士(加州大学旧金山分校妇产科和生殖科学系以及比克斯比全球生殖健康中心)监督了这些试验。

When and where it was tested/implemented

The first clinical trials were performed in Nigeria and India. Since then, more trials have been performed throughout Africa and Asia.

Funding Source

The MacArthur Foundation, the National Institutes for Child Health and Development, and the Gates Foundation.


Peer-reviewed publication

Turan J, Ojengbede O, Fathalla M, Mourad-Youssif M, Morhason-Bello IO, Nsima D, Morris J, Butrick E, Martin H, Camlin C, Miller S. Positive effects of the non-pneumatic anti-shock garment on delays in accessing care for postpartum and postabortion hemorrhage in Egypt and Nigeria. J Womens Health (Larchmt). 2011 Jan;20(1):91-8.

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Miller S, Lester F, Hensleigh P. Prevention and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage: new advances for low-resource settings. J Midwifery Womens Health. 2004 Jul-Aug;49(4):283-92. Review.

Other internally generated reports

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Externally generated reports

BBC News. (Feb 28 2006). "Birthing Suit 'could save Lives'" Retrieved November 13, 2011 from

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IP and copyright

US Patent Number 3933150 - Medical pneumatic trouser for emergency autotransfusion.

Approval by regulatory bodies or standards boards

510(k) FDA 批准 ( )

NASG 由 WHO 批准。

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