This page is a record of the license for Agroblogger (since it's not marked on the site). Frank Aragona stated in an email to User:Chriswaterguy:

"I've never actually put a license on Agroblogger stuff. Go ahead with the CC-BY-SA license, that's fine with me."

CC-BY-SA refers to the Creative Commons-By Attribution-Share Alike license (unported) as used by Appropedia (see Appropedia:Copyrights) or perhaps to the compatible United States (since Frank is in the USA). Either way, Agroblogger content can be freely used with attribution on Appropedia.

Use {{attrib agroblogger}} to attribute on a page where the content is used. Insert the specific post's url as the argument, e.g. {{attrib agroblogger|url=}} - this will display the attribution notice.

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