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Waves or Fire[edit | edit source]

Incidence goes up and down. What metaphors can we use to describe the epidemic?

  • We speak of "epidemic waves" because the number of cases rises and then falls, like a wave. But that leads us to think that the epidemic "is upon us", like the waves of the sea. I am not the sea. The sea is the sea, and it is coming upon me. "Epi" is "on top", and epi-demics came "on top" of "the people" (confirm etymology).
  • It may be better understood as a fire. I am the tree. I am part of the chain of transmission. I receive it and pass it on. That is why the "zero covid" strategy can be described as "put out the fire, and make sure it remains out."

Tools in the Global Toolbox[edit | edit source]

Each measure would be a tool that we can design and (improve its design), implement, adapt and use.

The collection of tools is the global toolbox.

Measures are presented in a video with a detailed index.

As of minute 17, the integration of the measures in a "#ZeroCovid" elimination strategy is presented.

Cheese slices with holes and Local Sandwiches[edit | edit source]

Each measure would be imperfect.

Using them in a simultaneous ("stacked") way gives give better results than using just one.

See here.

Sandwiches can be local, and a process like OODA can be used to iterate (say weekly in your local meeting) for better and better solutions, and for asking for help with those that can't be done at your level. See Aerosol pandemic/Needs and Systems

Strings for stringed instruments: guitars, one harp and ukeleles[edit | edit source]

Many countries have been using a guitar that by now is already out of tune. Only some of all the possible measures have been used, they haven't been used with enough intensity, and society shows signs of fatigue.

The full harp would be to attempt the full compilation of all possible non-pharmacological preventive measures. It is what is tried in this portal.

The strings can be individually tuned and improved, obtaining more efficient designs, with criteria that will be epidemiological, practical, and compatible with open source technologies.

It is possible to create packages of measures specially adapted to each epidemiological situation and each environment, in the form of ukuleles and other instruments with a few strings.

The use of these instruments may be spread and applied throughout the planet, making "global zero covid" or #GlobalZeroCovid possible.

Discussion[View | Edit]

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