In each situation of the epidemic control process it is possible to use different measures.

If starting from high incidence levels (which with traffic light vocabulary could be going from red to orange zone):

  • It may be necessary to apply population containment.
  • As many measures as practical will have to be applied simultaneously, aiming at speed while maintaining vital and important functions.
  • It is not practical to follow up on contacts unless it is managed by the cases themselves or in a very local way, or with IT support (apps).

When you start from lower levels and try to get to zero:

  • It is already possible to include contact search measures, intense, fast and with exhaustive intent.
  • Border control measures are included if practical, if the introduction of dangerous variants is feared, or if an elimination strategy is adopted.

To regain control after a reintroduction, it is often desirable to seek effectiveness with quick measures that may seem excessive, such as massive population confinement for a short period of time.

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