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Over the past year (prior to June 2017) we have run consultations, workshops and a survey, and received testimonies, proposals and strategies from over 150 organizations, unions, community and campaign groups, workers across the food system and civil society.

A People’s Food Policy illustrates what is possible if food policy-making is undertaken through a participatory process that reflects and includes the most pressing issues and lived experiences of people from across England.

The aims of A People’s Food Policy are:

  1. To challenge the current approach to food policymaking in England.
  2. To articulate a vision of the kind of food system we need in England and how it can be realised.
  3. To lay out interconnected policy proposals that could be included in a national food and farming policy.
  4. To provide a framework to organise, campaign and lobby around transforming our food system in England.
  5. To continue to build the foundations and pillars of a food movement in England, which people from across the food system collectively engage with and shape.

Based on the ideas and experiences that have emerged so far, we have put together a publication that lays out a vision for a better food system and offers policy proposals and recommendations for how to get there.

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