NOTICE: This group is inactive. If you'd like to help restart it, you can offer to help. Or see Geek stuff in Australia for other stimulating activities.

Thursday 17 May: We are joining the [Beers Without Borders] people at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 6-8pm. That's 294 Pitt St, Sydney (corner of Bathurst St).

General info for future events - to be confirmed[edit | edit source]

Dinner and discussion at a very reasonably priced restaurant in Sydney.

Purpose: to meet with other people who are interested in talking about political, social, economic issues etc.

Time: 3rd Thursday of every month, generally starting about 6:30.

Venue: a cafe or restaurant in Glebe, Sydney - probably the Fair Trade Coffee Company in Glebe.

Topics: The emphasis is on conversation. There is no formal structure and speeches are not planned (though if there's an interesting speaker for a part of the evening, that might be considered). We might try to get everyone into one conversation occasionally (depending on the size of the group) but nothing is compulsory.

Inspiration: Similar to Beers Without Borders organised by Plus 20, but in a restaurant. Similar to the earlier meetings of the Sydney Shove. (The Sydney Shove is much more structured now, which is fine, just different, just different.)

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