L5+ : transitioning mass/commercial/industrial-scale (or “bad scale”) agriculture lands to environmental sustainable, Nature-friendly, good, healthy, human-scale (or “better-best ways”) L.E.I.S.A. (e.g. NRDC, financial trusts, EPA, USDA, USHHS, etc.)

L4+ : practicing environmentally sustainable, good, healthy, human-scale L.E.I.S.A. on other lands than L5 that were not being used in better-best ways (e.g. gross-ery stores, warehouses, socially-downtaking uses, etc.)

L3+ : practicing environmentally sustainable, good, healthy, human-scale L.E.I.S.A. on virgin lands, invading Nature (which could also even be used for demonstration purposes) (e.g. nascent homesteaders and community-builders)

L2+ : experiencing “stepping stones” to then go to higher levels, but not necessarily “LEISA” (completely), and more practically working with or in the lifestyle they are currently in (e.g. community gardens, permaculture courses and workshops, WWOOF opportunities, etc.)

L1+ : supporting farmers' markets, CSAs, “local” branded foods (like at markets and gross-ery stores), “food waste recycling”

L1- : supporting gross-ery stores, buy-bulk warehouses, “imported” foods, “premium”/”business-sense” foods (i.e. foods that effectively create food waste and bad food practices/system)

L2- : doing “stepping stone” programs/experiences to go to lower levels (e.g. USDA “bad-scale” farmer apprentice/intern/training programs)

L3- : practicing “bad-scale” agriculture on virgin lands, invading Nature

L4- : practicing “bad-scale” agriculture on other lands than L5 that were not being used in wors(t) ways (e.g. x-cultural or community-connecting centers, some good religious/moral centers like temples or churches, transcending-truths-containing or illuminating institutions of (higher) education, etc.)

L5- : invading/transitioning lands using “better best ways” to “bad scale” agriculture

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