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1000 Farm Vision - SavouryCows

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' Hello Appropedia User,

Please help me appropriately fit into appropedia, I am new to Wiki using and also not sure what category to go with.

My intention is two-fold:

  • to compile information with "1000 Farm Vision"^SavouryCows
  • to represent that information for private, government and corporate interests


The quotation of "1000 Farm Vision" is from Paul Wheaton, aiming to compile best information on what this means to anyone-together, rather then projecting with my impetus right away.

SavouryCows refers to work of Savoury Institute, the importance of animals in re-balancing the "climate", essentially and effectively with the distinct project.

There were two options for "Create a Page":

  • this
  • "project"


Next time I'll post some links.


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