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(HUGS) Healing Us Globally Sustainably

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HUGS is a global summit that co-opts corporations, governments, celebrities and most importantly, the enduser through entertainment and works directly with them to develop sustainable businesses and initiatives for the global marketplace. Through participant opinion leaders we work to discover sustainable solutions in an open forum in association with world leaders, top executives and the public to promote social responsibility thorough action driven discussions. This promotes harmony and understanding while simultaneously promoting the preservation of the environment and the world’s cultures, not on an exclusionary or xenophobic basis, but rather on an inclusionary basis.

HUGS Goals[edit | edit source]

The Goal of HUGS is to link the worlds cultures together through a celebration of the worlds music, global parties and an international summit to generate ideas on how technology can help us live more sustainably.

Our vision is to change the course of civilization to one that is socially and environmentally and economicaly sustainable. HUGS focus is to show companies and end-endusers, that we can and must live a more sustainable and cooperative lifestyle. We want to shift the way public and private sectors can collaborate. This is done by bringing together public and private groups to address common goals. Sustaining collaboration through social networks, public and private networks with NGO’s. This requires a creative collaborative effort.

Pillars of Sustainability[edit | edit source]

  • Social Sustainability is focused on the development of programs and processes that promote social interaction and cultural enrichment. It emphasizes protecting the vulnerable, respecting social diversity and ensuring that we all put priority on social capital. Social sustainability is related to how we make choices that affect other humans in our "global community" -- the Earth. It covers the broadest aspects of business operations and the effect that they have on employees, suppliers, investors, local and global communities and customers. Social sustainability is also related to more basic needs of happiness, safety, freedom, dignity and affection.
  • Environmental Sustainability refers to the potential longevity of vital human ecological support systems, such as the planet's climatic system, systems of agriculture, industry, forestry, fisheries, and the systems on which they depend. In recent years, public discourse has led to a use of "sustainability" in reference to how long human ecological systems can be expected to be usefully productive. In the past, complex human societies have died out, sometimes as a result of their own growth-associated impacts on ecological support systems. The implication is that modern industrial society, which continues to grow in scale and complexity, will also collapse.
  • Economic Sustainability is the efficient and responsible use of resources, usually discussed in monetary terms, is what economic sustainability refers to. Economic sustainability can be applied to individuals, families, small and large businesses, communities, governments or world wide organizations.