XUD engines

This engine has been fitted in various forms to many Peugeot and Citreon models, ranging from the 205/405/306/405/406/605/Partner to Berlingo/XM etc.

Some are equipped with turbos, others not.

The 1.8L version of this engine is not recommended to be run on bio-fuels as it has the Lucas-CAV injection pump, the reason it is not recommended to run biofuel is because the fuel pump has different bearings/seals in it and they seem to be easily damageable and the pump seizes up.

Fuel DeliveryEdit

If the engine is fitted with any of the Bosch VE / VE derived pumps its fine, presumably they used a different material for the bearings in this pump. This engine has a built in fuel pre-heating system by means of a fuel swirl chamber built into the engines thermostat housing which can greatly benefit anyone using biofuels

The Bosch AS3 VP20 fuel injection pump, found on the later Peugeot 406/605 model, but same engine, can be adjusted to provide better running by means on electronics.

The engines that use a Bosch VE injection pump to delivers fuel through pintle nozzle fuel injectors are fitted with various add on modules depending on age and application.

Biofuel conversionsEdit


Many unmodified engines have been successfully fuelled with biodiesel.

Pure plant oilEdit

Single tank conversionsEdit

A number of people have successfully implemented a single tank conversion on this engine type. Elsbett have developed a single tank conversions for this engine to run on fuel grade rapeseed oil.

  • Elsbett perform conversions and sell kits for DIY conversion.

Twin tank conversionEdit

Numerous companies offer twin tank conversion kits for this engine.


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