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I'm interested in: Appropriate technology - Green living - Water - Energy
Edits to Appropedia by me are as a regular member of the community, and sometimes as an admin.
Unless otherwise stated, they are not legal or official actions as a director of the Appropedia Foundation.

I know this box is ugly. If you want to make it look better, feel free :-).

About me:

Chris Watkins
a.k.a. Chriswaterguy

need a better photo

My homepage tells you more about my history.

To do list square.jpg This user has a tasks page.
WasteStream Res DenimFactory.jpg This user is a member with interest and knowledge of Water and Sanitation.
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This user is the moderator for the Water category.
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Track changes: Water · Flood control · Water conservation · Water supply· Solar distillation · Rainwater

This user is the moderator for the Sanitation category.

Track changes: Sanitation · Composting toilet

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Track changes: Culture and development

Registered on Appropedia on 26 June 2006.

I'm an Australian engineer with a passion for sharing knowledge to make a better world, and I've been involved in Appropedia since the very early days. I spend most of my time in Asia, especially Indonesia.

What I'm doing here

I'm an admin on Appropedia, and I help to...

Specific tasks I'm focused on now:

  • Finding funding
  • Ekopedia merger
  • Porting - esp finding help in converting appropriate PDF documents and web pages to MediaWiki markup.


My favorite videos (on appropriate technology etc) are on my Youtube homepage.

Contact me via my talk page, or try me on instant messenger:

Google's mail chat: singkong
Skype: chriswaterguy

Or call (In Indonesia): 0821-22-007-049

Microblogging: & Twitter

Follow me on, an open source microblogging service that gives you more freedom than Twitter (and also lets you link to Twitter). But I use the same usernames on Twitter:

I manage Appropedia's Identica account and Twitter account, and my personal Identica account and Twitter account. Below are the Twitter feeds:


    @chriswaterguy (personal)

      My blog posts

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      Wikiholism alert
      "My username is Chriswaterguy and I am a wikiholic.W"
      • I cancelled my plans to live and work in China when I learnt they blocked Wikipedia.
      • I often read (non-fiction) books and mark things that I want to put into Wikipedia.
      • I'm a registered user of about 15 wikis.

      Yes I'm an addict. No, it's not a problem. I'm going to take a break, just as soon as I finish editing this...

      Maybe I need a 12 step programW...

      1. We admitted we were powerlessW over wiki-editing and our lives had become unmanageable.
      2. Came to believeW that a power greater than ourselvesW could restore us to sanityW.
      3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood HimW/HerW/ItW/Them.W
      4. When that failed, we took responsibility for our own actions.
      5. Admitted the Wexact nature of our wrongs.
      6. Left the computer occasionally, in order to meet attractive people and flirt with them.
      7. Sought through prayerW and meditationW to improve our conscious contact Wwith God as we understood Her,W praying only for Wknowledge of Her will for usW and the powerW to carry that out.
      8. Having had a spiritual awakeningW as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this messageW to wikiholics.W
      9. Realised the irony of creating this notice.
      10. Learnt to count.

      Content ideas

      Feel free to look at or use anything from my Content ideas.

      More extensive drafts, and draft postings for other sites, will be posted at my Sandbox.


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      In particular, note: