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Open-Source 3D Printed Surgical RetractorsOpen-Source Automated Mapping Four-Point Probe
Open-Source Photometric System for Enzymatic Nitrate Quantification
Open-source, self-replicating 3-D printer factory for small-business manufacturing
Open-source 3-D Platform for Low-cost Scientific Instrument EcosystemOpen-source 3-D printing Technologies for Education: Bringing Additive Manufacturing to the Classroom
Open-source 3D-printable optics equipment
Open-source LabOpen-source Wax RepRap 3-D Printer for Rapid Prototyping Paper-Based Microfluidics
Open-source chopper wheelOpen-source colorimeter
Open-source development of solar photovoltaic technologyOpen-source environmental chamberOpen-source fiber optic cable holder
Open-source hardware for research and education
Open-source hardware for science in EcuadorOpen-source lab jack
Open-source laser cutterOpen-source laser system for polymeric welding
Open-source lens holderOpen-source metal 3-D printer
Open-source microcontrollersOpen-source mirror mountOpen-source mobile water quality testing platform
Open-source nanotechnology: solutions to a modern intellectual property tragedyOpen-source optical railOpen-source optics base
Open-source parametric 3-D printed slot die system for thin film semiconductor processingOpen-source photoluminescence systemOpen-source polylactic acid production
Open-source polylactic acid production/Research QuestionsOpen-source robots
Open-source scientific hardware galleryOpen-source simple semiconductor sample holder
Open-source syringe pumpOpen-source turbidity analyzer
Open-source wax 3DP for investment castingOpen-sustainability
OpenSCAD Crystal Structure ProjectOpenStreetMap
OpenSustain-Appropedia Launch Document
OpenTripPlannerOpen Agriculture (MIT)Open Architecture Network
Open BadgesOpen Business ModelsOpen Business Plans
Open CO2Open CafeOpen Circuit Institute
Open Data for Resilience Initiative
Open Design CollaborationOpen Educational ResourcesOpen Green Map
Open House: Building an Open Source LifestyleOpen Innovation Africa SummitOpen Innovation Projects
Open Knowledge FoundationOpen Library
Open ParioOpen Policy Network
Open Science SummitOpen Service ModelOpen Solar Outdoors Test Field
Open Source 3-D Printed Nutating MixerOpen Source 3-D Printers: An Appropriate Technology for Developing Communities
Open Source 3D printed water pumpOpen Source Accessibility Toolkit
Open Source Appropriate TechnologyOpen Source Appropriate Technology - Joshua PearceOpen Source Appropriate Technology Literature Review
Open Source Atomic Layer Deposition SystemOpen Source BeehivesOpen Source Database and Website to Provide Free and Open Access to Inactive U.S. Patents in the Public Domain
Open Source EcologyOpen Source EconomicsOpen Source Fume Extractor
Open Source GISOpen Source Glove Box
Open Source Hardware BusinessesOpen Source Hardware Enterprise Plastic Granulator
Open Source HouseOpen Source Laboratory Sample Rotator Mixer and Shaker
Open Source Laser Polymer Welding System: Design and Characterization of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Multilayer WeldsOpen Source Low Cost Power Measurement System for Solar EnergyOpen Source Monochromator
Open Source Multi-Head 3D Printer for Polymer-Metal Composite Component ManufacturingOpen Source PhotogrammetryOpen Source Physiology Lab
Open Source Polymer Welder Literature ReviewOpen Source Rope Pump ValveOpen Source Salt Spray Chamber
Open Source SeedsOpen Source Sensing InitiativeOpen Source Society
Open Source Solar CITIES biodigestor systemOpen Source Somatic Education for Stamina, Energy, and Back Pain
Open Source Transport Informatics toolsOpen Source Ultrasonic Whistle
Open Source User InterfaceOpen Space Technology
Open Sustainability NetworkOpen Sustainability Network/ConstituenciesOpen Sustainability Network/Pre-Meeting
Open Sustainability Network/Spreading OSNOpen Sustainability Network - HowYouCanHelp
Open Sustainability Network Conference 2008/Press releasesOpen Sustainability Network Conference 2008/evenings
Open Sustainability Network workshops
Open Systems Design for Peer Producing AnythingOpen Wireless MovementOpen academia
Open access
Open analysisOpen architectureOpen blog feeds
Open companiesOpen companyOpen conference design
Open contentOpen dataOpen defecation
Open design
Open development and open aid
Open development wikiOpen edit
Open energy monitorOpen ephys
Open fireOpen hardwareOpen hardware business models
Open house budgetOpen house compound designOpen house episodes
Open house evangelismOpen house fabricationOpen house floating
Open house furnishingsOpen house housingOpen house integrated design
Open house kitchenOpen house locationOpen house logistics
Open house microfarmOpen house narrativeOpen house pavilion design
Open house productionOpen house robotsOpen house scooter
Open house side tripsOpen house smart homeOpen house tiny house design
Open house transportationOpen house utilitiesOpen house water
Open house workshopOpen involvementOpen knowledge
Open knowledge for aid and international development
Open licenses
Open news content
Open patents and social structures for open design
Open software licensesOpen solar photovoltaic systems optimizationOpen source
Open source 3-D printersOpen source 3-D printing of OSAT
Open source 3D printer literature reviewOpen source 3D printers: an appropriate technology for building low cost optics labs for the developing communitiesOpen source 3D scanners
Open source 4-point probe literature reviewOpen source Inkjet printers
Open source cellulose insulation manufacturing
Open source controller for polymer extruderOpen source engineering software
Open source hoe
Open source malariaOpen source nanotechnology
Open source patents
Open source research in sustainabilityOpen source science
Open source science literature reviewOpen source software
Open source software for small and medium businessesOpen source solar spectrum projectOpen source sustainability 3-D printing design competition
Open source syringe pump 3-D printerOpen source technology
Open source textbooksOpen source wireless IV curve tracer for long term field testing
Open spacesOpen spaces UKOpen sustainability
Open wind lensOpening the Floodgates - Ben Werdmuller von Elgg