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| Chicken wire  
| Chicken wire  
| Malla
| Malla Metálica
| Lime powder  
| Lime powder  

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This page is for information useful to all HSU Dominicana participants.

Useful Links

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These are words specifically related to Appropriate Technology that the students of the HSU Chiapas, Parras and Dominicana programs found useful. See the Renewable Energy Dictionary for words directly related to renewable energy.

English Spanish
Chicken wire Malla Metálica
Lime powder Cal
Blowtorch Soplete
Dowel Taquete
Barbed wire Alambre de púas
Head Caída
Tests Pruebas
Turbine Turbina
Sack Costal (not costale!)
Sulfur Azufre
Screw Tornillo
Drill Taladro
Cooperative El ejido
Stream El arroyo
Gully, ravine La quebrada
Micro-hydro Mini-hidráulica
Permit El trámite
Saw Dust Aserrín
Brick Ladrillo
rebar varilla
aligator clips gancho aligator
a finishing coat repello


To add your word, click edit and: Copy the following code (not including the pre and /pre) and paste it just before the |} in the table above.

| English word
| Palabra en Español

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