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The Appropedia Foundation is the organization which manages the Appropedia website, provides leadership on the promotion of the project, and supports associated projects.[1]


name username brief bio location
Lonny Grafman (Lonny) Instructor at Humboldt State University (Arcata, California)
Chris Watkins (Chriswaterguy) Water and sanitation engineer; fair trade importer (West Java, Indonesia and Sydney, Australia)
Curt Beckmann (Curtbeckmann) Engineering development manager and entrepreneur (Los Gatos, California)
Andrew Lamb (Andrew.lamb) CEO of Engineers Without Borders UK; RedR; UNESCO (London, UK)
Joel Scott (Joel.scott Attorney (Bay Area, California)
Past directors:
Catherine Laine (Claine1) Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (Boston, Massachusetts)

For more details see Appropedia:Board of Directors.


The Appropedia Foundation is a California non-profit organization and has 501(c)(3)W status under United States law. The Foundation's Federal EIN (Tax ID) is 20-8982657.


Via the Appropedia Blog:


  1. The Foundation actively supports related projects in open knowledge, sustainability, development and service learning in related areas. This is done on an informal basis - there are currently no formal projects or associated projects, apart from the Appropedia wiki site and blog.

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This organization is a member of the Open Sustainability Network.