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About Me[edit]

Manuel Sanchez
I am a freshman in Humboldt State University's Environmental Resource Engineering program. I chose this major after realizing I wanted to become an engineer and challenge myself; the only way to do this was to choose a major that contained two of my favorite subjects, Math and Science. I came to this realization after working as an engineering teacher at College of the Redwoods for a summer program sponsored by the Decade of Difference. During this week long Engineering retreat I taught many of the students in this program how to use Autodesk Inventor and designed products needed for the projects and assignments that I and other Teachers asked them to perform. I plan to double major in ERE and Spanish with a minor in Math.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • I am interested in renewable energy.
  • I am also interested in water restoration.
  • I am also interested in resource use efficiency

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • I worked with Decade of Difference engineering program.
  • I took advanced engineering in high school.
  • I am a college student in the engineering field.