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Hi, I'm Risto Järvinen, a doctorate student at Aalto University Department of Communications and Networking (Comnet). My research topic is Routing in Challenged Networks. Bulk of my research is already done at this point (spring 2018). The topic is only tangentially related to sustainability; challenged networks are used by emergency communications and places where common Internet is unavailable (f.ex. far space). Anyway, 3D printing is a personal interest of mine.

Currently participating:


  • Prelim: Capsaicin molecule.
  • Constructing RepRap Athene delta printer.
  • Printing foam with delta printer.

Constructing RepRap Athene delta printer[edit]

  • Sourcing components in Finland..


My research at university is focused on Challenged Networks and Application Development.

My personal research interests include Software Defined Radios and Game Development.


I'm lecturing Application Development at Aalto University. Also, I do guest lectures to Introduction to Electronics (Sähköpaja) on Networking topics and support the Linux Basics course.