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User:KVDP/Modelling progress of AT CAD projects

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This article lists the ungoing

  • AT CAD Team projects
  • AT CAD parts projects
  • costeffectiveaid projects

This, to ensure that 2 modellers are not working on a same modelling project, and/or to ensure that each project builds upon earlier models as well as possible (some models need to be made first before other modelling projects, that use some of these earlier models, can be started). The names below are the nicknames as used in Google Warehouse, not necessarily those used by these people as their nicknames at Appropedia.

AT CAD Team projects[edit]

Modelling project Modeller confirmed to work on it ? Ready by ...
AT inhaler II model update fm2alexei no  ?
Aerial WEH Torch more or less  ?
Infusion maker Torch, TANTUNNY no  ?
GTZ UDD composting toilet Modeler Matty H yes  ?
Mummy hammock Golden Frog, Design It Shelter Competition yes  ?
AT airship TESLER yes after newyear
AT e-velomobile AriLea, Speedy D., Daniel Brastaviceanu, acad_whiz no  ?
AT Traction engine The Hague, jakednb, Iliya Cerjak yes  ?
Solar pyramid in pit sugarsmax no  ?
multi-environment air supply mask Jimin Costums, Olay yes?  ?
multipurpose clothing musashi yes?  ?
AT microlight aircraft J-M@n yes project retarded due to circumstances
Communal washing machine Mike Connealy, W.Pons  ?  ?
6-cylinder rotary steam/biofuel engine with thermal energy recovery  ?  ?  ?

AT CAD parts projects[edit]

Modelling project Modeller confirmed to work on it ? Ready by ...
Electricity generator: Dynamo & alternator  ?  ?  ?
2007 R1 rear shock update killernoodle no  ?
Tweel T.O.M. yes january 2011
Continuously variable transmission (Reeves drive) sofie9536 yes Partly complete, finished soon
Inside of groundsailor wind energy conversion system sofie9536 no  ?
IC engine (radial)  ? no  ?
IC engine (line, car, 150 to 200HP, 4-piston, 4 valves) Speedy D. no  ?
IC engine cooling with waste heat recovery  ?  ?  ?
IC engine gasoline to diesel conversion parts  ?  ?  ?
Electric engine, see Comparison of electric engines  ?  ?  ?
Adjustable speed drive  ?  ?  ?
Wood gas generator + part connecting to IC engine  ?  ?  ?
Quasiturbine IC engine /Tesla Turbine ?  ?  ?  ?
Rotary vane/Tesla Turbine ? air compressor  ?  ?  ?
Stirling engine  ?  ?  ?
Neighbourhood transformer  ?  ?  ?
Various workshop tools  ?  ?  ?
Plastic extruder  ?  ?  ?

Costeffectiveaid projects[edit]

Modelling project Modeller confirmed to work on it ? Ready by ...
Desalination plant Tabernas King Humphrey, jjasper123 no  ?
Electricity grid Michael Powell, Konstanz no  ?
AT factory with tools  ? no  ?

Requested help, no reply (yet) or questionable outcome[edit]

  • Contacted Joey Odman, John Tetz, Ecospeed, Brian Howell, Bo Yeun Park, Aleksander Micsiz, David Ackroyd (Formula Gravity), C5alive, Easy Racers for AT e-velomobile
  • Contacted Roger Loozen (facebook) for ISF ricehuller
  • Contacted Bill Lishman, Daniel Dalby (APEV) for the microlight aircraft
  • Contacted Ellen Mirojnick (facebook) for 3D model multipurpose clothing
  • Contacted Peter Bratt (AT freight aircraft)
  • Contacted Nick Blair for ship control stand
  • Contacted Koichi Hirata for solar pyramid in pit

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