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User:KVDP/AT CAD Team/Watchtower sleeping room

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Watchtower sleeping room T1 (top) and T2 (bottom)

The sleeping rooms drawn in the schematic are especially designed. The design is dubbed the "watchtower" sleeping room, since it allows the sleeping room to also operate a bit like a lookout tower (at least at night, offcourse no persons reside in it during the day). The design also features a natural ventilation system with pipes similar to that of earthships (see ). It does not feature an additional heating system, simply because heat is already generated from the human bodies of the people occupying it (a lot of persons occupy it, thus meaning a significant buildup of heat), and it has excellent insulation. In hotter climates, heat may even need to be discarded into the soil (see image description of image 1). The building is also especially safe in its basic configuration (except from earthquakes). To resolve the earthquake unsafety, ball bearings can be used as noted at Earthquake_proofing_for_buildings#Building_modifications The safety it provides (in its basic configuration) is due to the elevation, and additional retractible ladder/rope, as well as the concrete material of the sleeping room itself and the earth sheltering. Given that the building doesn't have a connection the electricity grid, the rope/ladder need to be climbed manually. For the ladder, this isn't a problem; for the rope, a climbing harness is required, as well as a ascender (ascender only needed for first person going up, followers can be winched by the first person using a imbedded winch).

For the ascender, see

Getting into the building[edit]

How exactly the system works:

  • a person with an RFID chip walks up to the building; the loop antenna (see drawings) picks up a transmission from the chip, and retracts a pin. This lets the wire go down.
  • Then the person attaches an ascender (mechanical aid) to the wire that has come down, climbs up and winches up any other people that also want to ascend using the winch at the platform.

The ladder is intented to let the person climbing up, or anyone that is being winched up, to get up unto the platform. If it was not included, the person could not get up unto the platform (as he's hanging right below it, and the edge cannot be reached).

Natural ventilation[edit]

  • cold air comes in from the outside via the outside red pipe.
  • it is heated by the soil and goes into the room
  • the hot air stays relatively high up, air that is present a while in the room and is already a bit colder drops down to the bottom, and goes out via the blue pipe (an outlet is needed to refresh the air as well, else there would be a buildup of carbon monoxide, as people use up the air)
  • the optional (!) blue pipe is used in hot climates, to discard excess heat within the room and store it again in the soil (the latter may not be needed, but is useful ie in hot countries that cool off severely at night. The ventilator used is a three-bladed screw propeller


No heating is foreseen, but due to the fact that the building is earth-sheltered and due to the high number of people in a relatively confined space, the building should remain warm enough (simply due to the heat the occupants themselves give off), even when outside temperatures are not high (ie at night). The mummy hammock can be foreseen of thicker textile if necessary.


Although no full composting toilets are present within the building, it would be possible to add small urinals (ie see ) in the building connected to a central tank.