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Picture of the Natural Resources Club; I am at the top right.

About Me[edit]

I am an avid reader, especially for fantasy books and the like. I love playing strategy games like chess, as well as other video games that are fun and get me thinking a lot. My biggest dream in life ever since I was a kid was to make the world a better place for everyone so that we can all be a bit happier. That is why I wanted to become an environmental engineer and design things that cause little to no harm to anyone at all.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • I really like being able to design cool things on Autodesk 360 Fusion and 3D printing fun-to-use objects.
  • I want to come up with my own design of a product that has a practical use for the environment.
  • I like seeing cool designs of products that are either futuristic, ingenious, and/or practical for the environment.

The Blue ox earthen oven is a practical design of an oven that is also cool-looking!

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Got to design and make my very own electric guitar in a small woodshop class!
  • Made a few Rube Goldberg machines that were always fun to make.
  • Used Autodesk 360 Fusion and 3D printers to design many things out of wood, metal, and plastic.