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Joseph Richard White was born April 14th, 1996 and enjoys working with his hands and solving problems. Some of his hobbies include, Skateboarding, film making, drone flying, Silversmithing, 3D modeling, carving, camping climbing etc. For his future careers, Joey is planning to go through training to become a wilderness EMT, create unique and beautiful jewelry, Construct Furniture, and work as a NOLS course instructor. Also eats poop.

3D Printing[edit]

Joey started his 3d printing career a few years ago in high school. He began his fascination for 3D printing while attending a technical campus cooperating with his high school. He learned valuable skills such as manual machining, MIG, TIG, and Stick welding. He learned about hydraulics, pneumatics and some mechatronics. While learning about 3D modeling He was able to print a few of the models he had made such as GoPro mounts and components to replace broken household objects. The ability to generate 3D models from the mind and then fabricate them into physical components is still mind blowing for Joey, and it fuels his imagination to create more useful and sometimes useless items.



Joey is currently attending Principia college in Illinois where he is studying Studio Art, Outdoor Education and Biology. He spends his free time inventing things, playing ultimate frisbee, flying drones, skateboarding, and playing video games. When Joey doesn't have free time it is usually because he is working one of his five jobs: Land Stewardship Crew, Visiting Weekends Ambassador, Wood shop worker, Video Crew, or 3D printing "TA" (Teachers Assistant). Joey Enjoys all of his jobs and considers them to be the most valuable when it comes to future career options. He has learned more from his jobs than retained information during class. Work allows him to get hands on practical training in areas that aren't offered as classes.

Open Source[edit]

Open source is the best way to learn about new technologies. without open source, you wouldn't have the opportunity to learn from the larger companies because of their closed systems. These companies are focused more on money than the progression of technology. Joey is more than excited to learn all their is to know about 3D printing and possibly have a hand in improving the quality and efficiency of "REPRAP" printers. He also is excited to discover what problems people want solved with 3D printing so he can undoubtedly have a hand in helping others.

My Stuff[edit]

Picture Description Something else
Hotend.JPG This is the hot end we are using on our JellyBox Something else

Rock wall project This was to practice basing a design around a given dimension which was a bolt hole.JoeyRockWallHold.png


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