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Jacob Franz[edit]


About Me[edit]

I am a second year undergraduate student at Michigan Technological University majoring in Mechanical Engineer. I joined Open Source Hardware Enterprise Fall 2016. I am the lead on the Granulator MKll project which is apart of the C3 Grant. I am shop trained and help with any machining that needs to be completed for OSHE.

Enterprise Fall 2016[edit]

Ford College Community Challenge Project:

This semester I started working on the Ford C3 Grant Project. My main project was to design a belt cover for use on the plastic granulator. I also collaborated with Peter Gorecki and Walker Nelson in the early stages of designing the new plastic granulator. During this time we brainstormed ideas of cutting methods, potential design features, and what test, and calculations will need to be done. The main design goal for creating a belt cover was to have the cover be 3D printed using a Open Source 3D Printer, as well not having to do any modifications to the current machine. My design uses the 4 preexisting holes on the legs. In order to attach the 3D printed parts to the machine it will require new parts to fit through both the 3D printed part and legs. Currently The main components of the Belt cover are designed and on the waitlist to be printed at the start of next semester.

Bill Of Materials for adding on belt cover (added on to original BOM):
4 - 3/8" x 4" Course thread bolts
1 - 3/8" coarse thread locknuts
4 -1/2" x 5/8" x1" Steel Spacers
4 - 3/8" Washers
PLA Filament

Enterprise Spring 2017[edit]

The enterprise had received a Prusa i3 MKll kit this semester which I had assembled the printer and did maintenance work when the printer had issues. Also, I helped with the production of the husky statue's this semester.

Granulator MKll[edit]

The Granulator MKll was a continuation from what Peter Gorecki and Walker Nelson had designed. This semesters task was to build the design model. We have not completed the granulator as of now due to unforeseen obstacles such as having to work around machine shop hours and having to wait for parts. Due to manufactures not replying for request for quotes for the granulation blades we had to make our own blades. All the parts besides the blades that required machining were done using drill press, corded drill, and an angle grinder. So far one of the issues that we have found with the initial design is with the granulation screen. Because when we cut the pipe in half there was tension in the pipe which changed the dimensions. The granulator is close to being fully assembled. I am planning on completing the assembly over the summer as well perform testing and make adjustments. I will update the Spring 2017 work section after completion of machine.


I am interested in Open Source Machines such as 3D printers and other CNC machines. Also I am interested in the ways that 3D printing will help save money and economic benefits of 3D printers in the home.


Assembled a Prusa i3 MKll Kit Built a Athena 3D Printer over the summer.