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Community Interviews in Tavelagarhi
Name: Haley Herren
Degree: BA Child Development

Interest in Social Entrepreneurship and/or Environment Issues[edit]

  • I believe that access to clean water should be considered a basic human right. When individuals and communities do not have access to clean water there are repercussions related to health, and the environment which can last for generations to come.
  • Spreading awareness and education surrounding these issues can support communities in making lifestyle and behavior changes that can slow down the process of environmental pollution.
  • Environmental issues are also social issues. The well being of the human population is directly connected to the well being of the natural world.

Experience in Social Entrepreneurship and/or Environment Issues[edit]

  • Currently, I am participating in a program which focuses on developing appropriate technologies by collaborating directly with local communities. The goal of this project is to work together to attempt to address some environmental issues which includes access to clean drinking water, solar power, and waste management.