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How is frit utilized to the glass? Frit is utilized to the glass using a silk display screen methodology. It is rather much like the strategy used to silk display screen T-shirts. A picture of the frit design is developed for the glass within the bent or curved form. Then the picture is unwrapped and flattened. A silk display screen is made to permit the frit to go by way of openings within the display screen. The openings correspond to the ultimate design picture. The frit is a thick paste that's put onto the display screen. Squeegees are used to push the frit paste by way of the display screen openings and onto the glass. Frit is utilized to the glass whereas it's within the flat place earlier than it's processed by way of the furnace. The furnace helps to treatment the frit and to fuse it to the glass floor. Each half with every totally different design has a novel silk display screen. Silk screens are continuously being maintained all through the lifetime of a component. Due to the delicate nature of the screens, they'll put on out and generally must be remade all through the lifetime of a component in manufacturing.