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Trishla Foundation

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The Trishla Foundation is an [India] based charity, founded by Dr. Jitendra Jain in 2005, that provides pediatric orthopedics & reconstructive surgery. The organization is primarily funded by donation and charity. Center has given new any desire for life in excess of ten thousand youngsters with the various orthopedic issue like congenital anomalies (Club foot, CDH, Proximal femoral deficiency, fibular hemimelia, tibial hemimelia), [cerebral palsy], post-polio residual deformity, limb shortening, chronic osteomyelitis with joint and bony deformity, meningo-myelocoele. at first, it bolstered Samvedna Trust with specialized and financing support for their social reason and give all sort of serves to youngsters with cerebral palsy since 2005. At present, it has Trishla Orthopedic Clinic with very much created Rehab Center. Presently with expanding necessity of greater stage for a social reason, Trishla establishment was enrolled on twelfth August 2014 as the formal association to manage all sort of medico-social and money related help to penniless individuals with neuro-orthopedic inability and to proceed with research take a shot at youth handicap. and Trishla Foundation. Significant medical procedures are being performed at the private hospital set up equipped with all major facilities.