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Transition to the Second Generation

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9 out of 10 groups who talk about starting a community do not succeed. Of those that do, 9 of 10 of them are not able to transfer the community to the second generation. Founding a community is hard - passing it on may be even harder.

  • Personality of the Founders - To a great deal, a community reflects the personality of its' founders. The second generation will have their own leaders, their own issues, their own personality.
  • Legal Issues - Inheritance, Corporate buy-out, refinancing, zoning, etc.
  • The Curse of Protestantism - It is easier to pick up your marbles and go play somewhere else, starting a new community, than it is to stay in community and work out the differences.

I read somewhere that children raised in community are no more likely to stay in community when they grow up. Other comunities have a better track record in this department - religious communities come to mind.

Does anyone have any experience in this department ?

Are there steps that can be taken up-front, with the first generation, to make the transition to the second generation easier ?

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