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Template:Desired features

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Est. difficulty (1=tweak, 5=hard): {{{difficulty}}}
Priority (low/med/high): {{{ priority}}}
How: {{{how}}}
Examples? (a site using this feature?) {{{examples}}}
Status: {{{status}}}


For use on Appropedia:Desired features

Take the code and add to the bottom of the Appropedia:Desired features page, and fill in the fields:

Grade of difficult (just a guess) and priority are from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).

{{desired features
|title = 
|difficulty = 
|priority =
|how = 
|examples = 
|status =

This code:

{{desired features
|title= Foo for the bar
|difficulty= 1
|how= See [ ExtensionName]
|examples=, left side of page.

(In most cases, leave status for admin or tech helper).


Foo for the bar
Est. difficulty (1=tweak, 5=hard): 1
Priority (low/med/high): 2
How: See ExtensionName
Examples? (a site using this feature?), left side of page.

(Not sure where the apostrophe in the empty status field is coming from...?)