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I have kit to help build an icosa dome vb2,wich is built with 2x4,s.The walls could be built with plywood or a covering could be wrapped around,plastic or some sort of a greenhouse film.So i found this site and everyone talks about these insulated panels,sounds good but everyone keeps talking about fire hazards?so what is the updated ideas for safe panels?Ill put a plug in for garden domes,check out the site for many different shapes that can be put together also the icosa doma can be seen and all what can be done with it.Im not associated with worldflower garden dome in any way.

Fire safety on Playa/Material Selection[edit]

So given that RMax and Tuff-R, along with Bi-Fil tape are found to be so flammable, AND recommended against on this page, are there any alternative foil-faced rigid insulation board products to replace them on Playa?

Or is this a 'devil you know,' no-known-alternative, proceed-at-your-own-risk situation?