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Sean Scsavnicki

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Sean Scsavnicki[edit]

About Me[edit]

Hello, I am Sean Scsavnicki. I am enrolled at Michigan Technological University pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree. I like to learn new things such as how to use 3D printers, basic Arduino projects, and designing specialty parts using CAD that can be 3D printed.


  • CAD part designing
  • Mechatronics
  • 3D Printing
  • Open Source


  • I currently use a Prusa i3 clone, and am currently learning more about how 3D printers and Gcode work


Semester 1 Fall 2018

Granulator and Insulation This semester I have aided Jacob Franz in getting the granulator up and running again for use in other projects, but primarily for use in the recycled insulation project.

Lab Update This semester I have also done some work on improving the area in which we work on projects. Many quality-of-life improvements are being worked on such as: removing useless file cabnients from the lab, allocating space for team projects and personal projects in a logical way, creation of a system where parts are automatically requested to be ordered by use of google sheets, and organization of slicer profiles for each 3D printer in their own SD card.