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Polymer-glass 3D print literature review

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Types of glass and melting points:

  • soda-lime glass:


  • Google for polymer and glass composites

Newly Synthesized Dyes and Their Polymer/Glass Composites for One- and Two-Photon Pumped Solid-State Cavity Lasing

  • Google for glass-polymer composites applications -biomedical

Moisture absorption properties of unidirectional glass/polymer composites used in composite (non-ceramic) insulators

  • google for polymer glass composite

Effect of sandblasting and silicoating on bond strength of polymer-glass composite to cast titanium possible application for glass-polymer composite 3D print

Glass Thermal Properties and Their Role in Product Design

First link at bottom of page for material comparison: [1]

hollow glass microspheres] This resource discusses use of hollow glass microspheres in glass-polymer composite fabrication. this will help me in finding a glass-polymer combination that works as a composite, but hollow glass microspheres might not be the best option for this project. Air ingisde the glass may lead to bubbles in the filament and low-quality printing.

this source offers links to other databases and suppliers of microspheres who might have some that will work for this project. Major strengths of hollow glass spheres in composites are mentioned as well.

cites Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials, which will likely be helpful.

Glass suppliers[edit]

  • Cospheric (inclused microspheres)
  • Mo-Sci corporation (includes microspheres)
  • Kopp Glass
  • Rayotek Scientific, Inc.