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Welcome! If you are new to the Enterprise, please create a userpage, instructions are shown below

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Once you have created a page for yourself, read through the plan for the semester plan below. Wherever you see your name, edit that section and replace your name with four tildes. This will sign the page for you and link to your profile.


[edit] Michigan Tech Open Source Hardware Enterprise

The Open Source Hardware Enterprise (OSHE) will develop open source hardware solutions specifically to address problems of our project partners, while sharing the solutions in the commons. Open source hardware consists of physical technologies designed and offered in the same manner as free and open source software.

Enterprise Team - Michigan Tech Open Source Hardware Enterprise
Faculty Advisor - Dr. Joshua Pearce
Course Number - 
* Open Source Hardware - 82335 - ENT 2950 - L33
* Open Source Hardware - 82336 - ENT 2960 - L33
* Open Source Hardware - 85007 - ENT 3950 - L33
* Open Source Hardware - 85008 - ENT 3960 - L33
* Open Source H'dwe Pre-Capstone - 85011 - ENT 3980 - L33
* Open Source Hardware - 85012 - ENT 4900 - L33
* Open Source Hardware - 85013 - ENT 4910 - L33
* Open Source Hardware - 85009 - ENT 4950 - L33
* Open Source Hardware - 85010 - ENT 4960 - L33
Disciplines Needed - All welcome especially need MSE, MEEM, MTE,  EE, CS, BA, STC

[edit] Spring 2015

[edit] 1/19 to 2/9

Prusa i3

  • This is our second small scale 3D printer, which we will use to fulfill print orders for customers inside and outside of the university. The printer is nearly done mechanically, but it still needs the electronics wired up. It will also need significant calibration to get the print quality up to our standards. The members working on this project are Lucas Wilder (talk) 11:24, 19 January 2015 (PST), Tabeauch (talk) 13:49, 26 January 2015 (PST), and Mdholt (talk) 14:14, 26 January 2015 (PST).
  • Instructions for the build can be found here: http://reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_i3_Rework_Introduction.


  • The Gigabot is even closer to being finished than the i3. The only thing missing from the machine is the extruder assembly and a large print nozzle to reduce the lengthy print times. This project must be finished by the February 9th deadline. If any parts are still needed, please email Dr. Pearce and copy me on the message. Ian Peoples will be leading the Gigabot team, with Greg Chamberlain and Walker Nelson also working on the project.

Rekhi Enterprise Funding Challenge

  • Last semester the OSH Enterprise competed in the Rekhi Enterprise Funding Challenge and earned around $1400. The donors must be sent their rewards according to the plan we laid out prior to the competition. The Physical Bitcoins must be prepared, and the donors who unlocked the custom 3D print reward must be contacted. In addition, each donor needs a personalized thank-you letter. This must be taken care of as soon as possible. Lucas Wilder will be working on this along with Ian Peoples and Patrick Rice.

[edit] 2/9 to 3/2

Open-Source Lab Equipment Project

  • Once the i3 and Gigabot are finished, we will be splitting everyone into teams of 3 to work on a piece of lab equipment. Each team will take either an existing open-source lab equipment project and significantly improve it, or come up with a new idea for the project. Examples of existing projecs from the last semester's Open-Source 3D Printing course can be found here: 777 OSH Science project 2014

[edit] 3/2 to end of year


[edit] Marketing and Recruiting

  • Once all 3 printers are up and running, we will start promoting our printing business hard. Michael Holt, Lucas Wilder (talk) 12:00, 19 January 2015 (PST), and whoever else is interested will work together on this.

[edit] Semester-long Projects


  • This is the open-source laser cutter table that we have been cobbling together since the beginning of the Fall semester. The rest of the parts need to be either located or purchased as soon as possible so that construction can continue. Olin Johnson will be leading the project, with Steven Abramczyk and Andy Schaub also working on it. Once the i3 build is completed, one of the EE students will be assigned to the project to oversee the wiring and controls portion of the build. As always, if anything needs to be purchased, let Dr. Pearce and I know ASAP.

Induction Furnace This project was commissioned by Dr. Pearce himself. The team made good progress during the Fall semester, and should have the furnace melting down cans by the end of the semester. Patrick Rice is leading this team, with Olin Johnson, Lucas Wilder, Gregory Chamberlain, Walker Nelson, and Nicholas Kasza also working on it.

[edit] Grades

This semester, forward progress is the top priority. We want to be an Enterprise that people join because we get things done. Deadlines must be met. At the end of each 3 week period, the teams will be evaluated based on progress and individual contribution. As long as everyone is contributing positively, grades will be positive. However, dead weight will not be tolerated and grades will reflect that. I don't anticipate that being an issue with anyone this semester, so stay focused and you won't have anything to worry about.

[edit] To Apply

  • Create a User Account here on Appropedia (see upper right hand corner of page)
  • Post a Digital Resume -preferably with pics of past projects on your user page - or a link to your website.
  • When complete send link of your userpage to Dr. Pearce via email.

[edit] Useful things to read

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Wanted: Grad students interested in making a solar-powered open-source 3-D printing and distributed manufacturing future. Apply now.
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