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Michigan Tech Open Source Hardware Enterprise

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Welcome! If you are new to the Enterprise, please create a userpage, instructions are shown below

Official website

Once you have created a page for yourself, read through the plan for the semester plan below. Wherever you see your name, edit that section and replace your name with four tildes. This will sign the page for you and link to your profile.

Michigan Tech Open Source Hardware Enterprise[edit]

The Open Source Hardware Enterprise (OSHE) will develop open source hardware solutions specifically to address problems of our project partners, while sharing the solutions in the commons. Open source hardware consists of physical technologies designed and offered in the same manner as free and open source software.

Enterprise Team - Michigan Tech Open Source Hardware Enterprise
Faculty Advisor - Dr. Joshua Pearce
Course Number - 
* Open Source Hardware - 82335 - ENT 2950 - L33
* Open Source Hardware - 82336 - ENT 2960 - L33
* Open Source Hardware - 85007 - ENT 3950 - L33
* Open Source Hardware - 85008 - ENT 3960 - L33
* Open Source H'dwe Pre-Capstone - 85011 - ENT 3980 - L33
* Open Source Hardware - 85012 - ENT 4900 - L33
* Open Source Hardware - 85013 - ENT 4910 - L33
* Open Source Hardware - 85009 - ENT 4950 - L33
* Open Source Hardware - 85010 - ENT 4960 - L33
Disciplines Needed - All welcome especially need MSE, MEEM, MTE,  EE, CS, BA, STC

Spring 2015[edit]


The Lasersaur is operational. The laser is aligned to come through the lens tip, and all that remains is to find a reliable way to send it code for cutting jobs. The extension modifications are here and Graycoder is available here.

C3 Project
The OSH Enterprise won a $25K grant from the Ford Foundation to do the following: Develop a plastic granulator to reduce old 3d prints and recyclables into small particles; Use those small particles as feed stock for the version 4 recyclebot; Optimize the filament making process and develop a reproducible business model for selling 3d printer filament.

ALS Accessibility Project
A local man living in Hancock, MI, has contacted OSHE and asked us to work on a solution for his limited ability to use his computer due to ALS. Also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, ALS develops in a patient, starting with the weakening of limbs and extremeties, and eventually progresses to total paralysis. In order to allow ALS patients increased accessibility to home computers, the OSHE team has begun development of several solutions that allow hands-free interaction with computers. Here is a link to the Open Source User Interface


Please update your individual user page with a description of your work along with some pictures. Include links to existing documentation or new documentation, depending on what fits your project. Once this is complete, post a quick link to your user page below this section so that Dr. Pearce can evaluate your work.

Lucas Wilder
Tyler Beauchamp
Andrew Schaub
Ian Peoples
Patrick Rice
Peter Gorecki
Aubrey Woern
Handy Chandra
Walker Nelson
Joe McCaslin

To Apply[edit]

  • Create a User Account here on Appropedia (see upper right hand corner of page)
  • Post a Digital Resume -preferably with pics of past projects on your user page - or a link to your website.
  • When complete send link of your userpage to Dr. Pearce via email.

Useful things to read[edit]

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Wanted: Students to make a distributed future with solar-powered open-source 3-D printing.
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