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I'm disappointed at the ignored opportunity of pedal-power machinations. You could have the bike have a gear in the front, instead, and an addon gear for achieving even faster rotation, and both of them have the same output drive-rod (like the tractors use) to power up different machines with the same input rod. It could be as simple as two interlocking fixed wrenches for power transfer.

Now, with the generator and power-transferring slot, you can power a whole lot of machines, or even use rods and bearings to distribute power to multiple slots for a lot of household appliances, including blender, grinder (for making flour or grinding coffee), shredder (for compost and gravy for alcohol-making, and alcohol making in general), it could be connected to a pump, it could be connected to more intake ports for more people powering the same thing (i.e. you can have a business of paying people to pedal-power a flour grinder for the whole village), for mixing cement, for powering a fully-manual washing machine (including the water pumping and the movement of the clothes and the centrifuge-drying of the water in the clothes), and you could afterwards power a fan for completely drying the clothes, or for powering an evaporative fridge, or even power a stirling engine for freezing or heating.

Another way it could be used is for powering an aerial ropeway or aerial conveyor belt, or even have a mostly-wooden cart as wide as a mining cart / as wide as a fat person or two thin people and pedal-power it's movement, with a flywheel for storing the power when breaking for using it to accelerate.

Seriously, if you've got the land to put some rails on, you can set up fast cheap travel, especially if you can make the ride fairly smooth. Even just making wooden carts with rope suspensions and moving at 50 km/h (30 mph) to 80 km/h (50 mph) powered by a set of pedals and a gearbox, would be a huge improvement for the people who have to go by car or by regular bike.

For more details, contact me on Discord Sapioit Suicider#9534 or on facebook.

Thanks for the comment. Have you seen the work of Dr. Job S. Ebenezer, e.g. Standard bicycle with pedal power attachment? MayaPedal may interest you as well. --Lonny (talk) 10:18, 19 September 2018 (PDT)