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Boilers are machines that produce steam or heat in order to warm interiors or heat water. There are multiple types of boilers, but the majority of them run on natural gas. Boilers running on oil or electricity are also popular.

Boiler types[edit]

  • Biomass boilers get their energy from plants or plant-derived material. The most popular biomass energy source is wood.
  • Combi boilers are very popular in households as they can simultaneously heat water and radiators.
  • Condensing boilers are water heaters fuelled through oil or gas.
  • Conventional boilers work by heating water that then goes through two cylinders inside the radiators and circulate in loops.
  • Electric boilers do not use combustive fuels, but electricity.
  • System boilers, or sealed system boilers, pump heated water to the radiators and to a sealed water storage cylinder.

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